Want to Shorten Your Labor?  Eat Dates! Drink Water!

By Cathy Daub, founder of BirthWorks International What if eating just six dates a day in the last four weeks of pregnancy helped you avoid an induction, helped your cervix to dilate, and therefore shortened your labor, without drugs and without adverse effects?1   Knowing there are risks that accompany any drug, finding a natural …

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10 Steps To An Empowering Birth

Believe in the truth that you were born with the knowledge about how to give birth. Birth is instinctive and doesn’t need to be taught. Trust with faith your body’s ability to give birth. Learn and practice the primary human values — truth, right action, peace, love, and nonviolence. This provides an emotional preparation for …

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The Infant Microbiome: 6 Things Every Parent Should Know

Guest post by Toni Harman

Unleashing the Science: 6 Things Every Parent Should Know About The Infant Microbiome

Filmakers Toni Harman and Alex Wakeford collaborated on MICROBIRTH
Filmakers Toni Harman and Alex Wakeford

For the past five years, I have been fully immersed in bacteria. More specifically, my partner and I have explored the wonders of the human microbiome, the bacterial ecosystem that lays the foundations for lifelong health.

As documentary filmmakers, we’ve been in a privileged position to travel tens of thousands of miles interviewing dozens of world-leading professors.

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