Birthing in the Spirit


Cathy Daub accomplishes in Birthing in the Spirit something that I have not experienced in any other childbirth related book that I have read. Rather than the how-to format of so many birthing books which often leave readers with the impression that birth is an ordeal that women must endure in order to get that baby that they want so badly, Daub’s labor of love truly makes birth feel lik a work of art, and an event that ties us all together through ur one common and timeless experience, birth. Birthing in the Spirit is as exquisite and unique as birth itself. This book touched my spirit and I’m sure that whether you are a birthing mother, or someone who works with them, it will touch yours as well. Mindy Troge, CCE, PCE

The key theme in this wonderful book is to discover your true nature, and to tap into the deepest human values such as “Truth, Love, Peace, Right Action, and Non-violence.” Following the wisdom that flows from these values into the birth of a human being takes one into an experience of “happiness and bliss” and ultimately into “an experience of spirit” Marshall Klaus MD and Phyllis Klaus MFT.LCSW.

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