What Sets BirthWorks Apart

BirthWorks mission is to create unparalleled, sustainable ways to support birthing families in making the most informed, safe choices. As members of BirthWorks, we uphold birth as instinctive and trust women’s innate knowledge to birth successfully. We transform the experience of birth which creates healing on a global level.

Our unique experiential approach, based on human values includes the most current, evidence-based information. Our transformative offerings help each mother embody academic knowledge and emotional preparation for birth. Positive, gentle, and loving birth impacts the long-term health and wellness of mothers, babies, and families.

What Makes BirthWorks Work


BirthWorks, through the practice of its mission and values, manifests a global vision in which:

Women are empowered by the truth that birth is instinctive and the knowledge of how to birth is within them. They trust and have faith in their abilities to give birth and to become parents.

Women have access to birthing places of their choice, where they feel safe and protected. We trust their intuition, and listen to their needs and experiences, to best support their decisions.

Women are supported by caregivers who believe in normal, natural birth and minimal intervention. Training of childbirth and medical providers must include education to see what goes right at birth.

Birthing families get current evidence-based information in childbirth classes (and in prenatal care) to dispel fear-inducing myths from the media/medicine. They deserve informed consent.

Babies are born gently and given immediate skin-to-skin contact (with zero separation). The top priority is meeting needs of mother-baby together. Babies are breastfed for one year and beyond.

We affirm birth as an intensely felt, uniquely empowering transformation. Loving birth practices and nurturing environments for raising children, positively impact the future health of our planet.


BirthWorks embodies the philosophy of developing a mother’s self-confidence, trust, and faith in their innate ability to give birth. We train childbirth educators and doulas – who provide evidence-based information to parents – through a unique, experiential approach based on human values. We inform and inspire parents – to optimize positive maternal and infant health outcomes – to save lives and impact long-term wellness for families. BirthWorks enjoys working with other organizations in synergy, to help families make more informed, safe choices for better births and also better lives.


Be part of

The BirthWorks Experience!

This unique approach is values-driven, with heart and spirit informing the Philosophy. It believes in the power of women and their power to give birth. We honor their intuitive connection to their bodies and babies. Mothers discover instinctual knowledge within of how to give birth to their babies. This all-encompassing program focusing on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual preparation – from pregnancy to postpartum – allows them to embrace all of it fully and prepare for the entire birth experience (and beyond)!

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