A Spiritual Approach

We believe mothers already know how to birth, you facilitate that uncovering to create healthier, happier births

Ongoing Mentorship

Personal support through your entire accelerated training process to your double-certification


Academic science methodology and approach make you a credible and confident birth doula and educator

Gain so much from dual BirthWorks professional certifications

be with your clients from pregnancy to birth!

ACED is the best of BirthWorks Philosophy and Approach combined into one workshop and training program. Serve clients in a big way by learning inspiring and visionary ways of supporting families!

We offer a straightforward, comprehensive and flexible ACED Certification Process.

We offer a straightforward, comprehensive and flexible ACED Certification Process.

  • Our ACED Trainings are held online or in-person
  • In-depth training includes one Accelerated Workshop and home study
  • Mentorship throughout your training – personal support from start to finish!
  • Take up to 30 months to complete your Certification (an extension assures your completed work counts, if you need more time)
  • Join an organization that believes in our innate birthing abilities!

BirthWorks Accelerated Training has three parts!

You choose to start with the Workshop or your online learning.

Register & meet your Mentor

Take an ACED Workshop

Complete at your own pace

Support families to discover birth choices during pregnancy & see them realized in birth! Start Your Journey!

We help women have birth experiences that bring joy for the rest of their lives! Teaching women about the labor/birth process is straightforward: the challenge is to help women believe they’re born already knowing how to give birth. You can inspire women, with any birthing background, to deeply know what is best about where and how they can best birth.

In this Accelerated Childbirth Educator & Birth Doula Certification you learn...

In this Accelerated Childbirth Educator & Birth Doula Certification you learn...

  • Optimal Pelvic Positioning and Pelvic Bodywork’ relation to labor progression
  • To decrease stimulation of the neocortex during labor
  • The deep significance of the microbiome, birth physiology, and Primal Health
  • The power of positive energy around a birthing woman
  • Non-pharmalogical and other comfort measures for labor and birth
  • To trust in birth as an instinctive process
  • To Understand the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of giving birth
  • Our unique Human-Values approach to supporting labor and life
  • To Find yourself as a birth professional and get support to grow your business

Already Certified in Another Program?

BirthWorks offers varied ways to enhance your career as a birth worker in including re-certification with us, advanced doula trainings and cross-certifying if you are already certified through another organization.

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We also offer cross-certification.

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