A Spiritual Approach

Mothers already know how to birth, we teach you to faciliate that uncovering

Ongoing Mentorship

100% support throughout your entire training and certification process gives you confidence that you'll be the best


Best practices for supporting families from the latest quantitative and qualitative academic science

What is the Value of

Cross-Certifying with BirthWorks?

Are you trained as a birth or postpartum doula, or childbirth educator, with another organization, and feel something is missing? (Maybe you “tiptoe” at a hospital birth, or parents you serve need more than info on stages of labor and interventions/risks/benefits?) Maybe you feel there are more compassionate, effective ways to do postpartum care?

Gain Unique Expertise
with BirthWorks!

Gain Unique Expertise
with BirthWorks!

  • Chose your unique Cross-Certification Path
  • Read the BirthWorks requirements
  • Identify your past childbirth educator or doula work that is applicable
  • Apply to submit your past work for review and receive credit for some requirements to get Advanced Placement status to finish more quickly
  • Receive a personalized Completion Plan for consideration
  • Register to officially cross-certify with BirthWorks International
  • Meet your Personal Mentor and have support along the way!
  • Complete Your Plan
  • Receive Your New Certification!

If you want subtle, significant ways

to enhance birth and mother/baby health...

and to reveal yourself as the most capable and inspired professional possible, start your BirthWorks journey. This is an opportunity to be one of the most fantastic, inspiring and well-informed birth professionals now.

Which is Your Professional Path to Cross-Certification

* Most of our cross-certification students already finished items with * before starting!
REGULAR FEE: $100US application review fee + $950US certification program (includes workshop valued at $500US)
Gain new expertise and confidence to attract new clients. See how The BirthWorks Experience inspires you! Our holistic experiential trainings include both the science of birth, such as optimal pelvic positioning and primal health AND a unique focus that honors birth through self-reflection and emotional preparation (grieving & healing, beliefs & affirmation and more).

When you cross-certify with BirthWorks you become part of both a heart-centered, highly-trained group of birth professionals and an inspired, intentional community. Together, we make a significant difference to transformation of the state of birth around the world.

BirthWorks Birth Professionals are the voice for mothers and babies worldwide. We trust the birth process and in doing so bring awareness, calm, humility and love with our presence. Our excellent values-based support grows clients’ confidence and creates better birth outcomes for babies and mothers… this leads to easier postpartum time… and healthier babies and their families from day one!

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