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What is the Value of

Recertifying with BirthWorks?

Both BirthWorks and the birth field grow and change – so should you! Stay aware of best-practices and enhance your professional skills and confidence. (Birth workers from other organizations often share they feel something is missing.) Keeping up with BirthWorks assures you embody compassionate, effective ways to support the best health outcomes for ALL moms and babies, and can bring joyful ease to new parents lives!

Key Info About Re-Certification!

Key Info About

  • Once you earn your certificate, recertification is required every two years. This assures highly-qualified, active BirthWorks professionals which maintains your reputation locally and BirthWorks reputation globally.
  • Pay your fees:
  • Recertification is $125 for Childbirth Educators CCE(BWI), Birth Doulas CBE(BWI) or Postpartum Doulas CPD(BWI). ACED professionals pay a discounted fee of $185 to cover both CCE(BWI) and CBE(BWI).
  • Please maintain active membership $75/year (discounted for multiple years – even pay just once for Lifetime Member). Get varied benefits, be part of an impactful community and help grow BirthWorks – thank you!
  • Fulfill BirthWorks recertification requirements specific to your program and send work to info@birthworks.org before your two-year deadline.
  • Receive your updated Certificate!

Recertification Details by Credential:

FEES: $125 recertification fee + membership fee $75 per year (discounted if multi-year)

Want to Re-Enter and complete your

BirthWorks Certification?

If you started training in the past and did not yet complete, you are in the right place! (If you took a leave of absence, resigned and want to come back, or just lost touch – we understand sometimes life gets crazy and plans shift.) Our hope is to get you back actively working! Reach out and we can help you get your Certificate – to be one of they most well-informed and inspiring birth professionals now.

Steps and Info About
Re-Entry & Re-Instatement!

  • RE-ENTRY if you started a certification program in the past and never finished
  • Pay your fees – (1) updated membership – pay any past due years ($75/year or discounts for multiple years – or just pay once for Lifetime Membership), (2) $250 Re-Entry fee and (3) if a new Mentor is needed a $250 Mentoring fee may be required.
  • Email a one-page summary of why you paused being active, anything relevant you have done related to birth, and what your future goals are to: info@birthworks.org.
  • You will be invited to an online meeting, to co-create a plan to catch up to BirthWorks professional high-quality standards.
  • Fulfill workshop requirement depending on re-entry timing:
    • Inactive for 3 years or less: you are encouraged to attend a workshop but it’s not required – UNLESS your initial workshop was over three years ago, then you must attend either intensive BirthWorks BirthPrep! as a refresher (less time and money) or can opt to take your BirthWorks program workshop again.
    • Inactive more than 3 years: then you must register to re-take your BirthWorks program workshop.
    • Retaking a workshop is necessary and of great value because every year we add current evidence-based information and experiential learning opportunities, so you can be best informed as a birth professional.
  • RE-INSTATEMENT if you were certified in the past and want to become active again – 
  • Pay your fees – (1) updated membership – pay any past due years ($75/year or discounts for multiple years – or just pay once for Lifetime Membership), and pay a (2) $250 Re-Instatement fee 
  • Email a one-page summary of why you paused being active, anything relevant you have done related to birth, and what your future goals are to: info@birthworks.org.
  • Submit two reports (500 words each) on two readings from our suggested reading list (or ask for approval for a different book) and send work to info@birthworks.org.
Stay inspired by new expertise and build your confidence to attract new clients. See how The BirthWorks Experience supports you! Our holistic experiential trainings include both the science of birth, such as optimal pelvic positioning and primal health AND a unique focus that honors birth through self-reflection and emotional preparation (grieving & healing, beliefs & affirmation and more).
When you chose BirthWorks re-certification or re-entry, you are a key part of both a heart-centered, highly-trained group of birth professionals and an inspired, intentional community. Together, we make a significant difference to transformation of the state of birth around the world.

BirthWorks Birth Professionals are the voice for mothers and babies worldwide. We trust the birth process and in doing so bring awareness, calm, humility and love with our presence. Our excellent values-based support grows clients’ confidence and creates better birth outcomes for babies and mothers… this leads to easier postpartum time… and healthier babies and their families from day one!

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