What is BirthPrep! for Parents?

Busy Schedule? Want a fantastic way to prep for birth from home now?

Our online Childbirth Class, BirthPrep! for Parents,  is the perfect solution if you have limited time or want a virtual option (so you can be more relaxed during Covid) — it is offered monthly, over two half-days on Zoom. Both first-time parents and those having another child are welcome!

What is BirthWorks Childbirth Education like?

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From the comfort of your own home, you will get emotional and academic preparation for birth, that is both holistic and evidence-based. Birth is an emotional event. Therefore, birth preparation needs to be experiential so that birthing parents walk away with an experience. This human-values approach increases confidence and decreases fear in birth.

Do you want to...

  • be prepared to birth but feel pressured to find the time to attend hours of classes?
  • experience the highlights of BirthWorks unique, innovative and experiential approach towards birth?
  • understand evidence-based ways to labor that can minimize interventions?
  • learn how our unique approach increases confidence and decreases fear in birth?
  • learn Four Principles of Optimal Pelvic Positioning to shorten and ease labor and birth?
  • experience a balanced, non-judgmental approach to childbirth preparation?
  • understand the BirthWorks Experience – where every woman finds her own best way to birth?

Talking about obstetrical drugs, medical procedures, and birth plans is straightforward. The challenge is to help women develop more trust and faith in their bodies.

This is the best natural childbirth education class for you!

This open-hearted course led by experienced BirthWorks facilitators uplifts you and connects you to community! Right away, you learn BirthWorks is special — as you find trust and gain faith that your body and mind already know how to give birth. Through interactive discussions, short films, and small group experiential exercises, you find a safe place of laughter, joy and learning!


Ideally you attend during first trimester ~ so sign-up for childbirth classes as early as possible. You can register for one person or a couple – all moms (in any birthing situation) and all birth partners (fathers, wives, mothers, friends, aunts, etc) are welcome. BirthPrep! is offered online most months, usually over two half-daysr


What you get in BirthWorks BirthPrep! course?

  • Experiential energy work to empower and transform
  • The most gentle, amazing relaxation exercise and how to use breathing and relaxation
  • A chance to identify and reframe beliefs about birth
  • Emotional preparation with self-reflection on beliefs about birth and overcoming fears and grief
  • Experience the impact of a human-values approach in birth
  • Powerful birth affirmations to overcome and release fears
  • Knowing how to position your pelvis for an easier birth
  • Identify birth anticipations and expectations
  • Learning how hormones work to your advantage and “Adrenaline Language”
  • Non-pharmacological comfort measures for birth and the HPA axis
  • Exercises to relax the pelvic floor before and during labor
  • Understanding Primal Health – the importance of mother/baby skin-to-skin contact on brain development
  • Impact of Mother-Daughter relationships on birth
  • Common Sense Nutrition for pregnancy
  • Tips for successful bonding, breastfeeding and newborn care
If you’re interested in a full BirthWorks Childbirth Preparation series to gain complete and comprehensive benefits of our unique, innovative approach that empowers and informs, you can search for a certified BirthWorks Childbirth Educator in your area in our Professional Directory.

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