Breastfeeding Workshops

Essential mother-infant care for breastfeeding success! A NEW BirthWorks program launching the end of 2021.


Long-term academic research with practical applications for optimal breastfeeding

Advanced Professional Training

Enhance the support you provide, if you already work
with mom-baby dyads

Breastfeeding Prep for Parents

If you’re expecting, get set now to create ease once
baby’s born

Learn what is essential now to assure success later!

How to optimize what we know - that BreastfeedingWorks!

Being informed and prepared with the very best tools is key for parents to breastfeed well and for professionals to provide excellent support! If you are expecting a baby, or are a professional already working directly with mom-baby dyads, these workshops will benefit you.

for Expecting Families

Transitioning to parenthood and breastfeeding are profound experiences. Educate your mind, body, and most importantly, your heart. Learn your baby’s expectations and how your body will nourish and care for your baby outside your womb. Be empowered to breastfeed – with focus on full-term healthy mom-baby pairs and low-risk normal vaginal birth.

Professional Workshop

Advanced training for those working directly with mom-baby dyads, including birth and postpartum doulas, midwives, nurses, pediatricians, Ob-Gyns, Neonatologists, Childbirth Educators and Kangaroulas. Be empowered to support premature, late-preterm infants (32-37 weeks), high-risk dyads, belly birth (cesarean) and those with maternal complications.

Breastfeeding optimizes significant neurodevelopment and all babies’ health depends on skin-to-skin contact. Breastfeeding enhances the mother-baby bond and provides babies the best, personalized nutrition. Ideal breastfeeding starts in the first minutes/hours/days of a baby’s life with a great latch and ongoing support for mothers. Deeply significant, essential brain and nervous system development benefits are lost if breastfeeding does not happen. Research strongly suggests what happens the first 3-5 days dictates the length of breastfeeding journey!

BreastfeedingWorks! for Expecting Families

BreastfeedingWorks! for Expecting Families

  • Enhance the amazing experience of becoming a parent and the precious breastfeeding experience. With a values-based approach that integrates body-mind-spirit, understand your baby’s needs and expectations for nourishment and your body’s capabilities and needs.
  • Learn to respond to your baby’s hunger cues, understand how your body makes and maintains milk, and recognize when your baby is transferring milk. Know all about latch and positioning, weight gain and diaper output, creating a safe and practical sleep space, plus maximizing rest, best use of breastfeeding items, taking time to heal and above all enjoying your baby!
  • In an intimate small group, engage in discussion with hands-on activities by physically going through motions of caring for your baby in the early days of parenthood; giving all parents knowledge and confidence to carry through their parenthood journey.

BreastfeedingWorks! Professional Workshop

We know the first minutes, hours and days are key to babies’ health. Also, research strongly suggests that the first 3-5 days dictate the length of breastfeeding journey. It is essential professionals have deep understanding and skills to be most effective in their role  supporting the mother infant relationship during this significant time. This training fills a gap that exists in many places. In an upbeat, positive, experiential way, valued-based guidance empowers you with evidence-based, specific tools and techniques to understand:

  • Essential mother-infant care for breastfeeding success!
  • The deep significance of the breastfeeding relationship for the mother infant dyad
  • What new mothers and their babies biologically expect after birth
  • Specific, key physiology of breastfeeding
  • How to subtly shift the limitations of many healthcare systems, to prioritize proper care for the dyad (instead of separating mother and infants in care)
  • How birthing practices affect breastfeeding
  • How to provide best-practice continuity of care for the most breastfeeding success

Stay tuned for all BreastfeedingWorks! events which will start to be offered in 2022!