Train-the-Trainer Workshop

What is Train-the-Trainer Workshop?

Personalized training and self-development work to enhance your facilitation skills and grow your confidence to teach fantastic workshops! You learn: techniques to optimize group learning, how to offer experiential learning (to deepen the impact of what you teach), the importance of birth from cultural perspectives (to meet everyone’s needs), and how to use specific approaches to increase feelings of safety and connection in your trainings. This preparation is exceptionally valuable for you to embody and share BirthWorks Philosophy (which integrates mind, body, and spirit) and offer our human-values approach, which will inspire the birth workers you train to offer the same insights to new parents. There is ample time for in-depth explanations and your questions.

  • Times are given in Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) [mid-March to early November] and Eastern Standard Time (EST) [early November to mid-March]. Easily find your timezone schedule at (also a free App)!

    Offered either virtually (over several days) or in-person (two-to-three days), depending on prior Mentoring and the needs and experience of the participants. Early discount four weeks before, registration closes two weeks before. 

    BirthWorks International Trainer: Cathy Daub

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