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Steps to be a Trainer

BirthWorks Trainer-the-Trainer process offers Personal Mentoring and hands-on experience facilitating workshops as well as self-development work. We give extra attention to the importance of and specific approaches used for increasing a feeling of safety and connection in the group setting. There is ample time for your questions and more in-depth explanations of various techniques. This preparation is exceptionally valuable to increase your level of confidence and readiness to teach your own BirthWorks workshops.

Become An Accelerated Childbirth Educator Trainer Online | ACED

Requirements to become a Trainer

Must have taught a minimum of eight BirthWorks Childbirth Educator series (at least 12 hours each).

Must have attended a minimum of 30 births, including 20 during your practice as a BirthWorks Birth Doula. Preferred experience includes: multiple births in different locations/situations (not just one place, but varied hospitals, birth centers and home births); births attended with midwives and Ob/Gyns; and at least five births without intervention. Consideration may be given to other experiences (e.g., midwife, labor delivery nurse) through a personal statement and evaluations.

Must fulfill both Childbirth Educator and Birth Doula requirements, as above.

Must have supported a minimum 30 clients (at least six hours each).

Steps to Take

  • Personal statement describing reasons for wanting to be a Trainer (500 words)
  • Two reviews of recently published birth-related books new to you (1000 words each)
  • Essay on the current state of birth (500 words)

Two reference letters from:

  • Personal contact to address integrity and character
  • Professional contact who knows your experience and/or observes your work in the birth field and who can speak to your leadership abilities, plus organization and communication skills

From your childbirth education class students or doula clients, depending your chosen BWI Training Program

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