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This year, we’re thrilled to share wonderful progress and the impact BirthWorks makes on our aspiring professionals – who go out and make a huge impact for parents. This year, you will see videos, testimonials and more! Today, we inspire by explaining how integrated and experiential our programs are. 

Jean Sutton and Optimal Foetal Positioning + other Evidence-Based Research

Optimal pelvic and fetal positioning is a key part of our comprehensive trainings. We integrate the work of Jean Sutton (on our Board of Advisors since 2003) and Pauline Scott, the authors of Understanding and Teaching Optimal Foetal Positioning – this booklet is available and essential for all birthing parents and birth professionals towards an easier birth. We also work with Dr. Michel Odent, MD on Primal Health (learn more) and with Dr. Nils Bergman, MD training people in Kangaroula care (learn more  and buy a great resource Hold Your Prem from our shop). (In April, BirthWorks is invited to be part of an interactive online Microbiome conference - details coming!)

Comprehensive BWI Trainings Offer More!

Teaching about the logistics of labor is straight forward – the challenge is helping birthing parents to BELIEVE in their own innate ability to give birth. So we do more! We cover key evidence-based topics – related to healing and empowering the human spirit – that set BirthWorks apart:

  • Grieving and healing (beyond discussion – we do it)
  • Common Sense Nutrition
  • Relationships with our mothers and the impact on birth
  • Infant feeding including advanced research on oxytocin (the love hormone) and the power of they mother-baby dyad
  • Honoring all diversity, ways to birth and parent, and empowering LGBTQIA+ 
  • The effectiveness of birth doula, Kangaroula and postpartum doula care
  • Deep ways to support the mother to assure the best maternal mental health

We help mothers to have more trust and faith in their own body’s ability to give birth. All mothers are born with this knowledge. 

Birth is instinctive and what is instinctive doesn’t need to be taught

Birth is an integration of body, mind and spirit through the practice of Human Values. Human Values are a powerful, transformational way to make the experience of any birth and the outcomes that follow more positive. To teach parents and provide doula support, professionals need more than information. So in our trainings we give more!

  • How to become an effective facilitator
  • Building professional confidence through personal integrity
  • Key evidence-based information to offer parents
  • Embodying the holistic belief in birth, mothers and babies - to create power and ease
  • Ways to shift parent’s mindset to address anticipations and expectations
  • Expression of fears and developing deeply effective affirmations
  • Multisensory visualization
  • How to practice Human Values in birth
  • Adrenaline language and hormone behaviors
  • Place of birth and intentionally choosing a birth team
  • The physiology of birth
  • Primal Health and effects of mother/baby skin-to-skin contact
  • The power of sleep
  • Breastfeeding as Neuroscience and Nurture Science - for optimal brain and nervous system development for baby - this saves lives!

What we share is the BirthWorks Philosophy and the BirthWorks path to a positive birth that is evidence-based. BirthWorks presents a balanced approach to medical procedures and obstetrical drugs and believes each birthing mother will find her own right way to give birth. 

We have hundreds of testimonials that describe the impact of our training in birth and beyond. Learn more for inspiration on joining our programs and workshops. If you believe in this work… please become a BirthWorks membership and receive FREE shipping in our shop products - with prices cheaper than Amazon!

BirthWorks International is the ONLY program that offers combo ACED certification to be a Childbirth Educator and Birth Doula. We offer personal one-on-one MENTORING during the training period. BirthWorks has held national/international conferences since 2003, and we have growing presence in Australia, Canada, Europe, Indonesia, New Zealand, Israel, the United Kingdom, and the US.

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