Testimonials from Parents and Birth Professionals

"If someone had reminded me that my body already knows how to give birth, I would have felt more confidence during labor."
- MO
“Birth is instinctive. It makes so much sense now that I think about it. I wish I had heard this before I gave birth.”
“If only I’d known the ways to quiet my thinking brain so my primal brain could be fully accessed for birth.”
- TX
“After my cesarean, I didn’t know I could hold my baby in the recovery room. I didn’t know how important mother baby skin-to-skin contact is at the time of birth for my baby’s brain.”
- NY
“Birth is something I am so passionate about since after my own experiences. I absolutely love BirthWorks philosophies, which is what brought me into the program in the first place. You did such a wonderful job with the Celebrating Birth event and I had tons of fun. It meant a lot to me, especially being pregnant now with my fourth blessing. My husband had a great time as well and was amazed by how wonderful it was. Bless your heart for your passion for birth and all you are doing.”
- N
“I work for a management consulting firm that causes transformation in executives and businesses and on our staff retreat this week I shared with the team the impact you had on me through BirthWorks through empowering me to trust my body, to explore the sources of my values, and also by helping me transform my birth experiences, claiming them for all the gifts they held. We say that to transform an experience is to give people a new frame of reference. You were instrumental in shaping and blessing my view of myself, my family, and my life, and I will always be grateful for you.”
- NC
“Until I took BirthWorks classes and workshops, I never understood how human values, when practiced in birth and in life, makes such a difference. I feel like a changed person and am excited to practice these values in my life too.”
- CA

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This unique approach is values-driven, with heart and spirit informing the Philosophy. It believes in the power of women and their power to birth. We honor their intuitive connection to their own body and babies. Mothers discover the instinctual knowledge within of how to birth their babies. This all-encompassing program focusing on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual preparation during pregnancy and labor allows them to embrace it all fully and prepare for the entire birth experience. 

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