"Thank you again for coming to California to teach this amazing philosophy of birth.  I have been changed by this experience and I am forever grateful to you for that!"~ CA

“The Birth Works International childbirth classes were everything I had heard and more! I love, love the philosophy. The pelvic bodywork, artwork, grief exercise, visualizations, and overall experiential approach helped me have more confidence in my ability to give birth. Thank you for a warm and loving place to learn and grow.” ~ Washington DC

"I just want to say that this Doula certification has given me such an amazing grounding for my future work as a midwife. I have learned so much and have learned what I intend to focus my work on and I know the questions I need to ask and the limits I need to push. I wish every student midwife would do this course before the degree as it has really opened my eyes to what is truly important and how we can make such a large difference with only our mind, heart and hands. I have been given a confidence in the innate ability to birth and be born that my fellow midwifery students do not yet have and I have to thank you for giving me that. I believe the confidence I have gained will allow me to empower women to have the same confidence in themselves. I will always be thinking back to this work. It has become my foundation. Thank you." ~ AR

“My first BirthWorks Educator Workshop was truly transformational and challenged many ideas and thoughts that I previously had about birth. It has helped me develop more faith and confidence in birth and in women's bodies to birth as well as in myself to serve childbearing women and their families. Regardless of what method of childbirth you ascribe to or your ideas about birth, BirthWorks will be beneficial for anyone serving childbearing women.” ~ MN

“If someone had reminded me that my body already knows how to give birth, I would have felt more confidence during labor.” ~ MO

“Birth is instinctive. It makes so much sense now that I think about it. I wish I had heard this before I gave birth.” ~ FL

“If only I’d known the ways to quiet my thinking brain so my primal brain could be fully accessed for birth.” ~ TX

“After my cesarean, I didn’t know I could hold my baby in the recovery room. I didn’t know how important mother baby skin-to-skin contact is at the time of birth for my baby’s brain.” ~ NY

“Until I took BirthWorks classes and workshops, I never understood how human values, when practiced in birth and in life, makes such a difference. I feel like a changed person and am excited to practice these values in my life too.” ~ CA

“Pelvic bodywork is the key to understanding how a baby moves through the pelvis and how I can move and help this passage.” ~ OH

“Do you remember holding the Birth Works workshop at my house? My daughter was just a baby at the time, a home birth after cesarean. That baby is now 17 and interested in reading about birth, although hopefully her first child is still several years in the future. I am buying your book, Birthing in the Spirit, for her- could you autograph it for her? Although I no longer teach, I carry BirthWorks in my heart. I recently attended the birth of my first grandchild and it all came back to me. I realized that it has always been with me, and that BirthWorks isn’t just about birth, it is about life. Thank you for that.” ~ VT

“I was convinced through experiencing exercises in the workshop that women can learn to let themselves give birth without being taught a lot about specific birthing behaviors.” ~ NJ

“Yes, becoming certified as a BirthWorks teacher was a lot of work, but I am proud of the quality of my training and I'm confident that I can make a real difference in the lives of birthing parents.” ~ NJ

“I loved the pelvic bodywork; being able to experience the room and space of the pelvic outlet...this wasn't a picture or pelvic model -- it was my body.” ~ WA

“The morning of day three of the workshop was unbelievable. Personally, it has made a major difference in my life and attitude towards my family.” ~ OK

“No one warned me about the dangers of lying around on my back while I was pregnant. No one! My planned home birth turned Cesarean because my son was breech. I spent most of my pregnancy resting, either on my back on my comfy chair at work with my tail bone turned under and back relaxed. I made it literally impossible for my baby to get into the right position. I tried everything I could to help him turn, but it was too late. He was too big and had already been settled in for such a long time. How is it that optimal pelvic positioning information is not more mainstream? It is so simple and so obvious.” ~ NJ

“I work for a management consulting firm that causes transformation in executives and businesses and on our staff retreat this week I shared with the team the impact you had on me through BirthWorks through empowering me to trust my body, to explore the sources of my values, and also by helping me transform my birth experiences, claiming them for all the gifts they held. We say that to transform an experience is to give people a new frame of reference. You were instrumental in shaping and blessing my view of myself, my family, and my life, and I will always be grateful for you.” ~ NC

“Birth is something I am so passionate about since after my own experiences. I absolutely love BirthWorks philosophies, which is what brought me into the program in the first place. You did such a wonderful job with the Celebrating Birth event and I had tons of fun. It meant a lot to me, especially being pregnant now with my fourth blessing. My husband had a great time as well and was amazed by how wonderful it was. Bless your heart for your passion for birth and all you are doing.” ~ NY