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This virtual experience is a fantastic way to prep for birth now from home!! What a brilliant gift to give yourself or to give to new parents you know! The BirthWorks Experience helps every woman find her own best way to birth. First-time parents (as well as parents having another child) will love our engaging, interactive format of evidence-based and emotional childbirth preparation which highlights: ...understanding ways to labor that can minimize interventions human-values practice increases confidence and decreases fear in birth ...understanding Four Principles of Optimal Pelvic Positioning to shorten and ease labor and birth … energy, relaxation, affirmation, primal health and more! What is unique about BirthWorks innovative and experiential approach?  In two short virtual Zoom sessions, parents experience a balanced, non-judgemental approach to childbirth preparation including:
  • Experiential energy work to empower and transform
  • The most gentle, amazing relaxation exercise!
  • Chance to identify beliefs about birth
  • Creating powerful affirmations to overcome and release fears
  • Knowing how to position your pelvis for an easier birth
  • Birth anticipations and expectations
  • How hormones work to your advantage and “Adrenaline Language”
  • Non-pharmacological comfort measures and the HPA axis
  • Exercises to relax the pelvic floor before and during labor
  • Understanding Primal Health – the importance of mother/baby skin-to-skin contact on brain development
  • Mother-Daughter Relationships
  • Common Sense Nutrition
If this resonates with you, join our August Birth Prep or sign up for fall BirthWorks Birth Preps now offered monthly! Questions? Please reach