Birth Prep Workshops

Birth Prep Workshops

Join the next Birth Preps in either July, August or September!

Busy Schedule? Want a fantastic way to prep for birth now from home?


This is the workshop for you!

Experience the highlights of BirthWorks childbirth preparation virtually (two days) or in-person (one day)!

If you want to...

...know about BirthWorks unique, innovative and experiential approach
...know ways to labor that can minimize interventions
...learn how practicing human values increases confidence and decreases fear in birth
...learn Four Principles of Optimal Pelvic Positioning to shorten and ease labor and       birth
...experience a balanced, non-judgemental approach to childbirth preparation
… understand the BirthWorks Experience - where every woman finds her own best     way to birth...


Then this is the workshop for you!

What you get in BirthWorks Birth Prep Workshop?


  • Experiential energy work to empower and transform
  • The most gentle, amazing relaxation exercise!
  • Chance to identify beliefs about birth
  • Creating powerful affirmations to overcome and release fears
  • Knowing how to position your pelvis for an easier birth
  • Birth anticipations and expectations
  • How hormones work to your advantage and “Adrenaline Language”
  • Non-pharmacological comfort measures and the HPA axis
  • Exercises to relax the pelvic floor before and during labor
  • Understanding Primal Health – the importance of mother/baby skin-to-skin contact on brain development
  • Mother-Daughter Relationships
  • Common Sense Nutrition

If this resonates with you, sign up for a BirthWorks Birth Prep Workshop now!

If there is not one in your area, BirthWorks can send a teacher to you for a one-day intensive.


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*We highly recommend seeking a full BirthWorks childbirth preparation class to gain the complete and comprehensive benefits of our unique and innovative approach to childbirth that empowers and informs.

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