Who We Are

Who We Are

BirthWorks mission is to create unparalleled, sustainable ways to support birthing families in making the most informed, safe choices. As members of BirthWorks, we uphold birth as instinctive and trust women’s innate knowledge within to successfully birth. We transform the experience of birth which creates healing on a global level.

Our unique experiential approach, based on human-values includes the most current, evidence-based information. Our transformative offerings help woman embody both academic knowledge and emotional preparation for birth.

We teach Pelvic Bodywork and the Four Principles of Optimal Pelvic Positioning to help pregnant women move into gravity assisted positions in labor, making it a more positive experience.

Our training programs in childbirth education, birth doula, postpartum doula and our ACED (Accelerated Childbirth Educator Doula) combo all take the important issues in birth to deeper and more comprehensive levels. These include the practice of human values, primal health, mother-daughter relationships, grieving and healing, exploring beliefs and releasing fears, energy work and pelvic positioning to name a few.

We provide mentorship to assist students throughout their trainings.

Our philosophy builds women’s self-confidence. We empower women — to trust and have faith in themselves and their bodies — so they get clear on birthplace and caregiver preferences. Women fear less when birthing in safe, protected places and happier mothers means more normal, natural birth (with minimal intervention). This leads to babies being born gently, held skin-to-skin and breastfed, and ease for families who want to create the most nurturing environments to raise their children.

Our commitment is to grow unparalleled, sustainable ways to support birthing families in making the most informed, safe choices. We are a Holistic Childbirth Organization, helping women experience integration of body, mind and spirit, and in doing so we transform birth experiences.

We provide a monthly E-news to keep members informed about current childbirth issues and events.

Join BirthWorks. Become part of the BirthWorks family and together we can provide information and support to help women have the best birth possible.

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