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A qualified resource where the worlds of hospital, birth center, and homebirth co-exist? A place where parents’ choices are respected, where information isn’t condemning, but enlightening? A resource like that simply didn’t exist... until now. In this post, you will learn how Birthpedia is changing the way information about birth is being presented and why future parents and birth professionals should know about it. What a wonderful world it would be if every mother felt empowered during her pregnancy and believed in her ability to give birth. But information for pregnancy and birth are now found in a world of excessive data, obsession with social media, and self-diagnosis thanks to Google. The upcoming generations of parents are found here, and they are lost. Between horror stories of their mothers and the latest forum board on BabyCenter, parents are feeling anything but educated, empowered, and prepared for the journey of parenthood. Confusion, debate, opinion, and fear dominate their circles of influence. There has to be a better way. A midwife/OB can only stretch themselves so thin. A doula can only have so many clients. And childbirth educators can only reach those who take their classes. Birthpedia is a subscription-based app and website that provides quick, current, and qualified information to expectant families, delivered in short videos by birth professionals. Birthpedia’s mission is to provide this information in a judgment-free space, helping expectant families and parents of newborns make educated and informed decisions. We believe that providing information in a collaborative way helps families feel supported and equips them with essential knowledge—which empowers them to make informed decisions within their experiences. The app and website are organized into three main sections: ASK, SHARE, and DO. The ASK Area: Consists of five color-coded categories: Conception, Pregnancy, Labor & Delivery, Postpartum, and Newborn Care. A search bar allows for search on any topic or question, or by category. Each question will be answered in a 1–3 minute video by a birth professional. The database of questions will hold over 1000 videos from over 100 birth professionals called “contributors.” Contributors include midwives, obstetricians, doulas, childbirth educators, massage therapists, chiropractors, fertility specialists, anesthesiologists, aroma therapists, herbalists, and more. Answers to questions are based on the most current information in each category and speak to the pregnant family—regardless of where they choose to give birth. The SHARE Area: Users will find a variety of shared stories. These stories are inspirational: stories of birth, fertility, and adoption. The videos share positive and redemptive real-life experiences. Sharing these stories will inspire new parents to believe in themselves and their natural, instinctual, and God-given abilities. They will encourage couples struggling with infertility, going through a grueling adoption process, or preparing for a VBAC. The DO Area: Users will find a wide variety of instructional videos, such as prenatal and postpartum exercises, prenatal yoga, labor positions, breastfeeding, babywearing, changing a diaper, nutritional food prep, and more! These videos will encourage users to be more active and provide up-to-date visuals to help guide them. WHO is Birthpedia for? First and foremost, future and expecting parents. Birthpedia offers three different subscriptions; 24 hours, monthly, or six months. Birthpedia also serves to be an excellent reference resource for current birth professionals. Birth Professionals can sign up for a Lifetime Membership and grow with this incredible resource for the lifetime of their career! Birthpedia aims to be a socially responsible company that strives to invest in improving the global birth landscape for better birth outcomes. At Birthpedia, we believe… ● every newborn baby deserves the right to their best birth. ● informed parents create better birth experiences for all involved. ● birth is a primal human function and should not be treated like a disease ● every woman giving birth has a right to respectful maternal care ● every woman has the freedom to choose how she wants to give birth without condemnation. You are invited to join the journey toward better birth with Birthpedia! Birthpedia can be found online at, Instagram @Birthpedia, and Facebook/Birthpedia. For a limited time up until January 2020, all of the content is FREE as the Birthpedia database continues to grow!