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Ever feel that despite a well-intentioned to-do list, you're not getting where you want to be?  Instead of pressuring ourselves, we can choose self-compassion. In moments, just being versus doing helps.... taking a minute to realign with why we have an intention to-do, gives access to more subtle ways of being, which reframes our next steps and gets the "doing done" often in better, more efficient ways! To "do" this, human-values help frame our daily intentions and actions... if we take time to envision from a place of clarity  why and where we want to go, our focused energy allows more easeful accomplishment because we feel clearly what "to do" next! For example, the human value of unity - creates connected harmony within ourselves (mind-body-spirit) and expansion as we interact with each other. If we want to get something "done" with others, coming from this place can only help.
Framing intentions for 2021 -- within a wider value-based context -- allows us to BE in this new world in more effective ways. Understanding how our own "ways of being" influence  how we approach our daily "doing," not only connects us to ourselves in a holistic deeper way, but also enhances synergistic interactions with energetic harmony between birthworkers and parents, doulas, medical staff, families with their new babies, and each other.
2020 revealed to us the importance of these connections within ourselves, with each other, as well as between humans globally. BirthWorks approach is always holistic - we often hear from our community that human-values in practice encourages new ways of being that allow the best outcomes for birth. We ask birthing parents to believe in the history of birth and themselves - to hold trust and faith in their instinctive knowledge of how to give birth. And we frequently hear how  this understanding of human-values has impacted people positively…. personally, professionally over time in their lives.  So stepping into 2021… if you're tired of "doing" or want to feel differently, choose focusing on  a positive value, pause and consider, and then embody it as you put it into action.
In BirthWorks, our hope for 2021 is our intention to continue being values-based, helping us to connect and experience unity within and together, and from there, co-create expansion so our "to-dos" make a difference. We envision education and service to parents through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum, that brings compassionate, confident human beings into the world. We hope together our values-based choosing helps us get more to-dos in the world accomplished.
We are deeply grateful to our students, educators, doulas, mentors, trainers, Board, Advisors, and partners, who brought their inner light to BirthWorks in the past thru 2020.  Our 2021 New Years' Wish for each of you is to find ways to just BE. Relax and enjoy this feeling of connecting to yourself and others, and access ways of being that
help you reach your 2021 possibilities.