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Valorie Akuffo has been a key part of BirthWorks for more than two decades. She is a certified doula, Lifetime Member and was the Acting Director of the BirthWorks Doula Certification Program. Valorie served on our Board of Directors as Secretary, co-moderator of online media, grant-writer, and Board member-at-large. Valorie received the BirthWorks “Doula of the Year” award at our conference on Human Values in Birth in 2003. In her professional career as a scientist, she applies advanced critical thinking skills and expert investigative and organizational skills to her work. She is a focused and motivated professional volunteer, for varied service organizations, offering superior communication and computer skills. In her role as a Certified BirthWorks Birth Doula, she believes that birth is a normal and natural transition phase in a woman’s life and that each birth can be a spiritual and joyful life-long enhancement for all those engaged. This inspires her to support BirthWorks in all educational and training programs to help prepare doulas and childbirth educators in a human-values learning approach in order to better inform their clients and businesses.