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Suzanne Arms is is a practical visionary for transformation. Through seven groundbreaking books including Immaculate Deception: A New Look at Women & Childbirth (1975) and Immaculate Deception II: Myth, Magic & Birth (1997), and her far-reaching video Giving Birth: Challenges & Choices, she inspires practitioners toward holistic care and empowers parents to chose their birthplace. Suzanne is “grandmother” of the US birthing movement. She taught the first course on evolution of childbirth practices; and co-founded one of the first independent birthing centers which offered the first formal training of doulas. Also, she revealed the reality of hospital labor and delivery units by sneaking in to interview and photograph them. She runs Birthing The Future and is working on “Being Born” TV series. She blends ancient feminine wisdom, traditional practices, biological evidence and leading-edge science. She lives in Colorado, USA.