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Nicole Walsh received her Bachelor's degree in Athletic Training from SUNY Cortland and her Masters in Education from Old Dominion University. She has two young boys and a baby girl; her personal experiences are what led her to pursue becoming part of the birthing community. Since 2015, she's experienced the incredible journey of pregnancy, birth and motherhood and what she found out is that there is a lot of, not always accurate, information floating around in the birth world. Being an educator at heart has made Nicole want to share evidence-based information with expecting parents, so they can make informed decisions about their prenatal, birth and postpartum care. Nicole is now a certified BirthWorks Childbirth Educator -- she agrees whole-heartedly with BirthWorks Philosophy that birth is instinctive and it is not something a woman needs to be taught – and that the knowledge of how to birth is already within her! BirthWorks mission to decrease fear surrounding birth and help women feel empowered in their choices and confident in their bodies, so they can have a transformative birthing experience is one that Nicole is proud to help achieve. Nicole was BirthWorks 2023 Board Member of the Year.