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Madison Hendry is a community birthworker, artist and educator focusing on the maternal-infant relationship. Her passion for birth work began after the premature birth of her second baby when she became a NICU mother. She owns Mama Bird, LLC and founded The Cleveland Kangaroula Collective. As a BirthWorks International Certified Birth Doula CBD(BWI), Registered Kangaroula, and Certified Breastfeeding Educator (BAI) she provides perinatal and evidence-based support to birthing families. Since 2016, she has supported over 1,000 families to reach their breastfeeding goals! Madison received her MFA in Sculpture from Brooklyn College in NY. She has exhibited her works and writings on Motherhood internationally including: “Unfinished Works Through Mothering”, Ohio (2022), Mother Art Prize, ProCreate Project, London (2020); Mother/Infant, Unperceived Existence, Gallery Shush, Europe (2018); Rewriting Trauma & Visibility: Motherwork, Pregnancy, and Birth, Museum of Motherhood, NY (2018), and Project AfterBirth, London (2015), the first-ever international exhibition on early parenthood. Madison is the Founder of the NICU Family Scholarship, Mama Bird Group Chat, and is a Project NICU Advisory Board Member and Ohio Breastfeeding Alliance Active Member. She is proud mother to three children and lives in Cleveland, OH, USA.