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Liz began her midwifery journey out of a deep desire to share the joy of birthing at home. She wanted all women to experience what it is like to feel the innate power within them to give birth. Following her first home birth in 1982, she began studying to be a birth assistant in Rahima Baldwin’s Informed Homebirth course. Liz’s passion for learning about normal birth continued through her own homebirths and as she raised her six children. Liz certified as an A.L.A.C.E Doula and later with Birth Works International, so started teaching childbirth education. As Co-Founder of BirthWorks Birth Doula Program, she taught varied training workshops. After attending births as a doula in hospital and home settings, she found the opportunity to apprentice with several home birth midwives who shared their knowledge of traditional midwifery. She began an independent practice in 2000 and along with her daughter, Emily, formed the first Birth Circle of Frederick, MD. Encouraged by her mentors she applied for and obtained certification through North American Registry of Midwives in 2007. Her midwifery home birth practice has nearly doubled, so in the future as she takes less clients, she'll again be interested in returning to offer more BirthWorks Birth Doula Workshops. BirthWorks will always be in her heart!