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From Birthing in the Spirit by Cathy Daub

Magnetic energy pervades the entire universe. Magnetism is the cause of attraction between human beings, birds, animals, and even insects. There are many examples of this. Green pasture attracts a cow, so green grass is like a magnet for the cow. A flower and its nectar attract the honeybee. A mother and child attract each other. People use magnetic power in their everyday relationships with each other when they feel an attraction that makes them reach out to touch another. 

Magnetic power is present in the human body deep into the cellular level. Attraction is a primary characteristic of love. The more pure the love, the stronger is its magnetic attraction. It is what draws things together and makes one yearn for another, as two lovers long for each other, children are drawn to their parents and grandparents, and humans love God. Love for love’s sake alone is unsullied, pure, and pristine. It is kind, compassionate, and selfless. It is a love that feels safe, nurturing, protected, peaceful, warm, kind, understanding, and accepting. No matter how much love is drawn from this pure love, it is ever full and cannot be depleted in any way. A mother wonders if she will love her second child and others as much as the first and is surprised to discover the same power of love is strong for each child.

There are few experiences in life that can bring us as close to experiencing pure love of the spirit as birth can. The intensity and yearning with which a woman in labor cries out to the spirit during the height of a strong contraction draws the spirit close to her. The powerful forces that build inside the body as the uterus contracts are unique in birth. Feeling this power instead of fearing it allows a woman to say, “I am powerful beyond my wildest imagination!” and “Having done that, I can do anything!” This burst of confidence serves as the foundation upon which she will build her skills for parenting. She has felt the power of love in her body through the contractions and it has transformed her. She then looks into her baby’s eyes for the first time and forgets everything else. Such is the transforming power of love. 

When we live in a philosophy of love, we will find people coming into our lives at the right moment when we need them. This is because when we are living in love, we are closer to the spirit. A pregnant woman will use the knowledge she has learned to plan her birth and then will have faith that what she needs will be given unto her. The magnetism of love works in mysterious ways, but once we surrender to the path of love, we will behold amazing things happening in our lives and our births. This requires faith. 

Where there is faith, there is love. Where there is love, there is peace. Faith, love, and peace are very connected. Faith helps us feel more secure in expressing love, and love helps us to have faith. From the time we wake until we go to sleep, everything we do is based on faith. We have faith that people driving in their cars will stay in the correct lanes. We have faith that an airline pilot will take us to our destination. A baby has faith that its mother will take care of him and feed him. Women have faith that their uterus knows how to grow a baby. Women have faith in their birth team. 

But our faith is often tested. People have faith in God and then are shaken when misfortune and tragedy hits them even though they’ve said their prayers. For example, a baby may be born with a complication in spite of prayers being made for a healthy baby, or a woman may suffer from infertility even though she has prayed earnestly for a baby. When such misfortunes happen a loss will be grieved, but in the end, having faith helps us to find peace through forgiveness. 

The speed of light can be measured, but not the speed of love. Because love is everywhere, it is wherever you wish it to be in the blink of an eye. Know that if your baby is in the neonatal intensive care unit, you can send love to him or her in less than a second because when we think love, it is there instantly. If your loved one is on a trip halfway around the world, just think love and it is with him immediately. If you are a working mother and miss your children, think love and it is with them. Love is constant and gives of itself, not expecting anything in return. It is changeless and is the eternal witness to all that is happening. It is unaffected by criticism, blame, guilt, or failure. Nothing can taint or tarnish such love. This love is within us all. There is nothing that cannot be accomplished with such love. Let your life be filled with love. Live in love. Birth with love. Be love. Learn to see through the eyes of love, hear through the ears of love, and cultivate feelings of love.