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Journey Into the World of Nurturescience!

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March 21-22, 2020 in Medford, NJ (12 miles from Philadelphia)

 “Behavior is Place Dependent.”  “What is an innate fetal agenda?”  “What are primal behaviors?”  “What does brain regulation and dysregulation look like?” “ What happens to a baby when there is an allostatic load?”  “How is ‘suckling’ different from ‘sucking?’ ” You may wonder, “How do these affect the brain of a newborn baby and his growth into adulthood and what can we do to help newborns get a better start in life?”  Journeying into the world of Nurturescience  provides answers to these questions. When I think of a journey, I think of going deeper into what I already know.  When I was in my twenties, my husband and I, newly married, decided to travel around the world for one year.  That one year became three and a half years, visiting 55 countries on six continents of the world, and becoming transformed along the way.  We made this trip early in life and have had the benefit to this day.   We found out that there is always more when you decide to dive deep and the earlier it is learned, the better. This has been my experience travelling with Nils Bergman and hearing him lecture about Nurturescience.  In fact, his Nurturescience is the NEW Neuroscience.  The impact of what a newborn baby experiences in the first days and weeks of life is more fascinating and has a deeper impact than we realize.  With this new learning in Nurturescience, my passion to help moms and babes have healthier experiences in birth has become more intense because I see how this impacts society and its leaders at large. The beginnings of this lie in birth. This workshop will benefit all health professionals, including neonatal nurses, midwives, lactation consultants, birth and postpartum doulas and childbirth educators certified in their field through any organization. Come and learn:
  • How nurture matters for brain wiring of all babies, but how also to apply this for small and sick babies (premature).
  • The powerful connection of mother and baby – the two truths – Zero Separation of mother-baby is our biology, and the mother-baby dyad should never be left alone.
  • The Innate Newborn Agenda – The mother’s body precisely controls every element of her infant’s physiology, from heart rate to release of hormones, appetite, temperature, and the intensity of activity. “This creates an invisible hot house in which the infants’ development can unfold.” (Hofer)
  • How brain wiring is place-dependent – the critical moments at birth and after are when baby brain cells are fired and wired by maternal sensory inputs. There are more synapses in the brain of a newborn baby than stars in the universe, so every baby is born with the full potential of the universe.
  • Ways to help avoid infant brain dysregulation and enhance social connection through life (to avoid the tendency for later social withdrawl).
  I wish I had known more about nurturescience when I was a young mother and am grateful for the research surrounding this new neuroscience.   We are starting a new movement of Kangaroulas in the USA.  Be one of the pioneers in this movement.     Click Events.  For more information click Trainings and scroll down to Kangaroula trainings.