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Intimate, Connecting and Peaceful, these are the words that come to mind when I reflect back on the 2019 BirthWorks Conference in Mt. Dora, Florida.  The speakers were inspiring and loving as they shared their knowledge and extensive experience with conference attendees.  The location was nostalgic and charming, worth the visit as well. I personally was in awe of listening to Amber Price and the work she is doing to pave the way for better maternity care.  She shared many thought provoking facts that were spoken in truth and hope as she continues the momentum of a better and healthier maternity system.  She cares so deeply about her passion for improved maternity care and her professionalism in her administrative role is above and beyond "industry standards".  I truly appreciated the information she shared regarding things that a hospital has control over in relation to addressing a concern or issue with a specific physician having privileges at a specific hospital.  Amber is like the first baby coming through the womb to pave the way for next generations to continue trusting the process of the journey of healthier and less interventions for better birth outcomes for all birthing families. Another incredible session included Lori Barklage on Trauma Healing.  She emphasized how important it is to understand and to have tools to share with others that have experienced trauma in their childbirth journey.  She shared her heartbreaking stories of her past birth traumas and how she was able to heal those traumas and take those healing journey steps forward and help many others experiencing trauma in birth and other aspects of their lives.  The tool she provided in the workshop was so simple and easy to apply that I will be able to share and utilize its simplicity during the BirthWorks grieving and healing portion of the classes.  She is taking great strides in restoring the healing from trauma and does it in such a caring and loving way. There were so many great guest speakers and keynote speakers that I just simply could not do them justice on a simple forum as this.  Having Nils Bergman, Michel Odent along with other local experienced and knowledgeable birth-field experts is always a unique quality that BirthWorks offers during the conferences. I highly recommend and encourage anyone thinking about attending a birth conference that is small, but mighty, to give thought to attending next year's BirthWorks conference in southern California.