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posted by Cristin Tighe, CCE (BWI)  

Being pregnant teaches us things that ease the transition to caring for a newborn.  For example - thinking about another human being (with every bite we eat!), not sleeping through nights, and not being in control during birth - help prepare us emotionally to mother.  If additionally, we have BirthWorks philosophy as a framework, then we are strongly braced, equipped and prepared to be amazing mothers.  Women with information and autonomy to decide, whose emotions and beliefs are honored, feel safe and secure.  We recognize our value in the process, have self-awareness and can grow (however it goes) ... because we come to birth lifting ourselves, which also opens the loving possibility for our children.

BirthWorks philosophy and its values give us confidence to believe in our strength as women.  (This is so needed in the face of an often patriarchal, liability-first ideology that views pregnancy as risk, where we often need to advocate for ourselves even to our own health care providers.)  BirthWorks says birth is instinctive and through integration of body-mind-spirit, we find the inner knowing to trust our own bodies.  It guides us to know that we should look inward to be fine.  To me, the wisdom of BirthWorks comes partly from a deep inspiration underlying it - faith in Human Values.

These intentions - Truth, Right Action, Peace, Love and Non-Violence - helps us believe in ourselves as women and so carry us over our fears.  At the essence of human dignity is being valued, and through the process of BirthWorks with our dignity being honored, we experience knowing, integration, power and flow.  This values gracefully, powerfully uplift us, so we keep lifting ourselves.  Then we are able to lift the next generation, from the moment of birth and as they grow.

The BirthWorks philosophy gives us a clear path to transition to motherhood. . . in an empowering, transformational way.  The intention to try to work and live a value-based life is infinitely rewarding.  For me, in all I do - as a mother, wife, daughter, sister, yoga teacher, doula trainer, friend, neighbor, Girl Scout leader and more - I hold values strongly.  I believe that we instinctively know what is right; that knowing our own bodies and minds, and letting our spirit guide us, gives infinite opportunities to heal, gain awareness and create positive vibrations.  Prioritizing values like those that are part of BirthWorks allows stillness and peace within, creating space for clarity and our authenticity.  When we have that, we can choose our truth and actions in our world.  BirthWorks gives us our dignity, connects us to our children in beautiful ways, and ultimately creates a world where the values of human dignity bring to the surface more and more.