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A doula focuses on the mother’s needs during labour and birth. A Kangaroula does this also, but primarily advocates for the BABY during labour, birth and the first 1000 minutes of life. The kangaroula has additional training in skin-to-skin contact (Kangaroo Mother Care), hence kangaroo + doula = kangaroula!

Mother’s body (and also the other parent’s body) ensure that warmth, feeding, sleeping and emotional connection work as they should. The first day that the baby is born is when maximum support is needed for  the baby´s adapting to a bright and noisy world; it is clinically known as a “critical period” looking after it makes a difference for life.

Every newborn needs a Kangaroula speaking for his/her needs, minimising stress and empowering mother to read his signals and to best meet his needs. This is especially important for small or preterm babies, who often get even less mother contact and support for critical needs.

Typical “health routines” at birth support a new mother. But what does the baby really need?

Their Mother! her body warmth, her breastmilk, her voice, her love. A Kangaroula learns to support the mother’s and baby’s essential needs, setting both up for good health over the lifespan. This is NURTURESCIENCE. Nurturescience is the term we use to summarize the evidence-base for the Kangaroula. Kangaroula support and training has basic science as well as direct clinical evidence. Current practice for mother-care and baby-care globally has in the past been based on SEPARATION. There is NO EVIDENCE for separation benefiting either the baby or the mother.

Indeed, the evidence is actually that separating mother and baby is harmful for both. This *provocative* statement is presented in great detail in a publication in a medical journal: Birth practices: Maternal-neonate separation as a source of toxic stress. So there is both science and evidence against separation. But we need a more positive view!  What has been missing?

We believe the answer is *nurture*, and this is so important that it deserves its own science – NURTURESCIENCE. This too is published in………………...… Nurturescience versus neuroscience: A case for rethinking perinatal mother-infant behaviors and relationship.

Want to become a Registered or Certified Kangaroula, and advocate for NurtureScience and the best baby and mother-care that is possible? -find a Kangaroula training! If you are expecting and inspired, maybe you can get some Kangaroula support - find a Kangaroula! 

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