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by Anya Worthy, BWI ACED student

This book brings gratitude and a deeper appreciation towards women. Not only does it provide important information, but it opens another world about the deep connection to one spirit. I went into reading my first book (in the BirthWorks Birth Doula and Childbirth Educator training program) not knowing what to expect. How was I going to fit in? Is this right for me? I have always had this deep undeniable connection to birth, pregnancy and women’s health. I had to take a leap of faith, follow my heart and go for it. After reading the first chapter, through my tears, I felt the love and peace that every word offered. There is so much more to this journey than I could have ever expected.

Learning about instinct, energy, spirituality, affirmations and mental focus in combination with science completes the puzzle

This book taught me a lot about myself. I’ve been in healthcare for years and the science behind our bodies and its functionality comes to me easily, but learning about instinct, energy, spirituality, affirmations and mental focus in combination with science completes the puzzle. I believe it is what our healthcare system is missing. I have learned the power that women hold when it comes to birth. How greatly external factors can have an effect on birth and how being afraid and misinformed by social media, medical professionals, family and friends can lead to unwanted medical intervention and how sometimes this isn’t always the best birthing experience. As a future doula, it is my job to support and encourage mothers to do what is best for them at any given moment. I will be her advocate towards reaching one of the most euphoric and love filled moments in her life.

Birthing experience is about self confidence as a woman, connection to spiritual awareness, and ultimately finding inner peace and practicing love

I’ve learned that to have a baby and really embrace the birthing experience it all boils down to self confidence in who you are as a woman, your connection to spiritual awareness and ultimately finding inner peace and practicing love. My thoughts were challenged a lot during this read as I regularly practice “living in the moment.” It’s such a cliche statement, but the words speak volumes. Live in the moment. Don’t think about yesterday, or tomorrow because what is important is happening now. With this being said, trauma is a tricky situation and living in the moment can be challenging. How do you live in the moment and enjoy the fruits and blessings life brings without worrying about the darkness that can follow? How do you change the mentality when good things happen? For instance, the birth of a child. How to stop the negative thought that there isn’t something bad to follow. This is something I personally struggle with. I am sure that with practice and faith anyone can overcome that mindset, and I look forward to learning more on the subject.

Transcending a limited perception of the world to succeed in the work we do with our healing hands

In chapter 20, the concept of detachment was discussed. I found this chapter a compelling one because I didn't understand the word or how powerful it was. I was one of the people who thought detachment meant “un-feeling”, but upon reading further it answered a lot of questions about my character. I know this concept is crucial in order to succeed in being an aid of any sort in childbirth. It is something that for me I had to practice every day in the operating room. Change is a big part of life and change in medicine is non-negotiable. Being able to ebb and flow transcends in the work we do with our healing hands and how we perceive the world. I do not think I would be who I am or where I am without being detached. This chapter opened up a door that I didn’t even know there. I learned how to use what I know about detachment and how to implement that in Childbirth. I would highly recommend this book. It’s a great read for anyone who’s interested in birth, spirituality and looking deeper within oneself.


Anya Worthy, Doula and CBE Student

As the eldest sister of three and the daughter of a spiritual woman I have been drawn towards pregnancy and birth my entire life. When my mother passed away in 2022, I took a hard look at myself and realized I was missing something important. I was missing a big piece of who I am. Love. After looking into the available doula programs I was instantly connected to the Birthworks program. The relationship between spirituality and science that this program provides maximizes the full potential of my healing hands and heart. As I continue on this journey I can see glimmer of my mom and that she was right all along. 


The book Birthing in the Spirit, by BWI Founder Cathy Daub, is available for purchase online. If you are intrigued, learn more about BWI’s ACED immersion program - to get personal mentoring to become both a Birth Doula and Childbirth Educator.