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The ACED Workshop met all my needs and even those I didn’t know I had! The pace of the workshop was very good – not too fast or slow. It was very comprehensive in all ways: modelling class activities, returning to philosophy, using energy, techniques and human values, and more.  Thank you so much. This has all been fantastic!   NZ The ACED Workshop was so much more than I had expected, even more holistic and positive. I loved the pelvic body work, feelings, the Breast is Best DVD, work about mothers, grief –all of it! Thank you for an amazing workshop.  NZ The ACED Workshop went further than I thought with the practical exercises, sharing with the group, art work, discussions over videos, role games. I feel more prepared to give a class and be a doula than I thought I would.  NZ I’m so happy that the ACED Workshop focused on love and energy and I am very excited that many of the techniques are based on intuition as well as the learning we gained as students.   I also loved the hands on experiential approach to learning that is novel! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  I am so excited and feel so driven and inspired to grow as a doula and childbirth educator. NZ Thanks for coming all the way to New Zealand to share with us your passion!  It’s inspiring to meet people like you Cathy!  It gave me trust and faith in my ability to give birth to my baby. NZ Thank you for this wonderful experience!  I feel I have the opportunity to put a lifetime of experiences to wonderful use with this ACED Workshop as a foundation to help bring about wonderful birthing experiences for months to come. NZ I benefited from the mix of modalities: AV, lecture, small group discussions from women’s related personal experience, and multisensory experiences of content. Thank you so much for a fabulous workshop and your personal hospitality.     NM The ACED Workshop was very informative and intense.  I liked our smaller class because we had a lot of great time to connect.   PA Wow! What a truly educational, personal growth, beautiful experience I experienced doing the ACED. A doctor college of mine mentioned this program at a another pediatric/ obstetric seminar, and with out hesitation or research in the program I registered! It blew my socks off! I hand no idea I was aligning myself with such a powerful, loving, integrity driven, educational, beautiful organization that BirthWorks is!  I learned and grew so much as an individual , as a women, as mom, as a lover! I am so inspired to do the same to all!!! I feel I have all the tools and support through BirthWorks to make a positive change in my society!! Thank you BirthWorks!    CA