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The Baby Way

What better way to show cardinal movement, rotation of a baby through the
pelvis, than by demonstrating with The Baby Way, manufactured by BirthWorks
International. This is an “Ah Ha” moment for any pregnant woman, helping her to
understand the importance of movement in labor.
Our imagination is much more powerful than we may realize. Showing a baby doll
fitting snugly through a pelvic model, even if cloth, still gives the impression of a
tight fit. When women feel their own pelvises in BirthWorks classes, they can
experience and imagine more space that is there for their baby to move into.
Then when they see the diameters of the pelvis in The Baby Way, they understand
how the baby rotates to move through the pelvis in optimal pelvic positions. This is a powerful connection sure to have a
great impact on any woman giving birth.
The Baby Way is a must have tool for anyone birth professional including childbirth educators, doulas, nurses, doctors,
and pregnant woman. (See demonstration on BirthWorks website interview Nicholas Olow with Cathy Daub)

The diagrams below show the pelvis in an upright
position which is optimal for birthing. Note that the
pelvic inlet is wider from side to side. Since the
widest part of the baby is the shoulders, the baby
must enter the inlet and then tuck his chin to turn 90
degrees so the shoulders can pass through. In
contrast, the outlet is wider from front to back.
Therefore, the baby must turn 90 degrees once again
to move his/her shoulders through the outlet.
Turn the head into a breech position with feet first and
demonstrate how a breech baby also turns and rotates to
pass through.