In the womb the baby receives warmth, food and protection, so has all they need to develop. As a newborn, the needs are the same and best met by being with mother. Human newborns are born very immature, and in part complete gestation and development outside the womb, ideally on mother’s chest.

This carrier has been designed based on decades of research from Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC) which shows that it’s best to never be separated from your newborn baby.

The KangaCarrier has two parts – first the wrapper (triangle-shaped) for the baby which is 100% organic cotton poplin, high-thread count, and second the actual shirt for mom made from 100% cotton.

There are two sizes – Large and Extra Large. Large is for smaller-framed people and/or those with low weight or premature babies (born before 36 weeks). Extra Large is for larger-framed people and/or those who want to do skin-to-skin for their full-term baby (born after 37 weeks) and use it into their early weeks.

Once you have placed your order, please email info@birthworks.org with your preferred size.

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