Certification – Birth Doula


Would you like to help birthing parents learn what matters to have the birth of their dreams? All women are born with the knowledge about how to give birth. Birth is instinctive and what is instinctive doesn’t need to be learned. Rather, we teach women to have more trust and faith in their body knowledge that already knows how to give birth. BirthWorks is a unique and innovative approach that – through the practice of human values – integrates the mind, body, and spirit. This helps to increase confidence and decrease fear in birth. Mothers will be grateful and remember you always.

This certification fee also covers Personal Mentoring – for support and guidance along the way – plus BWI Membership during the 18-month (1.5 years) program period+ 12 more months ($190 value). After paying this fee, you will receive your BWI Birth Doula Certification Packet and soon be connected to your Mentor. (Later, when timing is ideal for you, register for your BirthWorks Birth Doula Workshop.) Welcome to BWI!

Please note: this fee is non-refundable. If you have other questions before registering, please email us.

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