BirthWorks Childbirth Education Classes

Join the best childbirth education classes for parents – the BirthWorks Experience – for everything you wanted to know about birth! We cover what most classes don’t think to ask… unique, timeless concepts and Philosophies. You gain more than possible from a hospital tour or typical parent classes, including pelvic bodywork, human-values, overcoming fear, and more… This approach is where every woman finds her own best way to birth. Women leave feeling emotionally-prepared, confident and fantastic about themselves in the process. Come be inspired to learn what you don’t even know you need to know!

What is BirthWorks Childbirth Education like?

Birth is an emotional event. Therefore birth preparation needs to be experiential so that birthing parents walk away with an experience. With BirthWorks, you will get emotional and academic preparation for birth, that is both holistic and evidence-based. For example, we teach the Four Principles of Optimal Pelvic Positioning to help you move into gravity assisted positions in labor, making it a more positive experience.

Some of our focus areas include

  • Comfort measures for Labor and Birth
  • Philosophies of Childbirth, Exploring Belief Systems
  • Relaxation, Breath Awareness, Directed Breathing, Toning
  • Common Sense Nutrition
  • Energy Work and the Practice of Human Values
  • Physiology of Labor and Birth
  • Pelvic Bodywork, Identifying and practicing good positions for Labor and Birth
  • Risks and benefits of medical procedures
  • Obstetrical Analgesia and Anesthesia
  • Feelings, Grieving and Healing, Releasing Fears
  • Power of Positive Beliefs & Affirmations
  • Relationships with our mothers
  • Postpartum and Breastfeeding
  • Primal Health and Nurture Science

Talking about obstetrical drugs, medical procedures, and birth plans is straightforward. The challenge is to help women develop more trust and faith in their bodies.

This is the best childbirth education for you!

Our open-hearted childbirth class series, led by experienced BirthWorks Childbirth Educators, uplifts you and connects you to community! Right away, you learn BirthWorks is special — as you find trust and gain faith that your body and mind already know how to give birth. Through interactive discussions, short films, and small group experiential exercises, you find a safe place of laughter, joy and learning!

Ideally you attend during your first trimester, so sign-up as early as possible. You can register for one person or a couple – all moms in any birthing situation and all birth partners (fathers, wives, mothers, friends, aunts, etc) are welcome.


More details on what you get in BirthWorks Childbirth Education classes:

  • Beliefs and attitudes about pregnancy, birth & postpartum
  • The safety of vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC)
  • Healing past emotional pain in preparation for birth
  • Physical and emotional aspects of labor and birth
  • The importance of nutrition, exercise and pelvic body work
  • Developing confidence in decision-making skills
  • How to take more responsibility for birth
  • Choosing a birth team and writing a birth plan
  • Physical and psychological interventions in birth
  • Factors which influence the safety of birth
  • Current information about risks and benefits of medical interventions
  • Ways to avoid unnecessary cesareans
  • Your personal strengths and resources for birth
  • Human values training and character development
  • Trusting our bodies and the energy of the birth process
  • Personal support and comfort measures for labor and birth
  • Discussion of postpartum care, breastfeeding and infant nutrition

Are you interested in our online immersion the BirthPrep! for Parents series to experience the highlights of the BirthWorks Experience from the comfort of your own home and in a shorter format?

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