Unique Aspects of BirthWorks

Unique Aspects of BirthWorks &
the Many Benefits of Membership

For only $75 per year (discounts for multi-year memberships), your benefits of membership to BWI include:

    • 10% off all BWI shop purchases & FREE SHIPPING (if in the USA)
    • 15% off workshops and programs
    • 15% off everything during BWI Anniversary month
    • BWI Conference discounts
    • BWI e-News each month
    • Access Dr. Michel Odent’s Primal Health Research Database
    • Access to an impressive Board of Advisors who are available to answer any questions about childbirth

Unique Aspects of BirthWorks

  • Expanding network of like-minded birth advocates
  • Opportunities for involvement in BWI (i.e. reviewer, trainer, Board member)
  • Articles and information pertinent to the most up-to-date childbirth issues
  • Personal listing in BWI online directory of certified educators and doulas
  • Become part of an organization that:
    • Is working to raise the consciousness of women to the transformative potential of having a peak birth experience.
    • Is striving to empower women in relation to their births and other encounters with hospitals and doctors.
    • Believes birth is instinctive and therefore doesn’t need to be learned. We help women develop more trust and faith in their body knowledge that already knows how to give birth.
    • Integrates the mind, body, and spirit in birth.
    • Provides an emotional preparation for birth as well as evidence-based information about birth.
    • Has the understanding and practice of Human Values as its foundation which empowers and transforms women in birth, and increases confidence and decreases fear.
    • Promotes pelvic bodywork to help birthing parents understand optimal pelvic positioning so the baby can move down through the pelvis more easily.
    • Publishes a quarterly newsletter with trendy topics and inspirational stories in birth.
    • Has been educating women about birth and offering childbirth classes to birthing families for over two decades and doula certification and services for over one decade.
    • Has over 12,000 members on its Facebook page.
    • Has a training Childbirth Education Manual with 500+ pages of current evidence based information on childbirth. It is one of the most comprehensive training manuals in existence, revised and updated on a regular basis.
    • Provides feedback on training materials through a network of Reviewers

Birth Is Instinctive! Stay Connected and Join BirthWorks Today!