Welcome to The BirthWorks Experience

BirthWorks International (BWI) programs are unique in our human values approach to birth (and beyond) in that we encourage personal growth through the integration of the mind, body, and spirit. You will learn how the practice of human values builds character – for you personally and also for the parents you work with.

This holistic approach, combined with evidence-based research is The BirthWorks Experience. The combination of the two assures that BirthWorks certifies you as a confident, sensitive, highly-qualified birth worker.

Your work at home with feedback from your Mentor is part of your learning, and your BWI workshop is the other. If you have not attended or registered for a workshop yet, check the schedule online. You can take the workshop soon or later – that is up to you. Upon completion of your BirthWorks Workshop your name will be listed on the BirthWorks Professional Directory as BirthWorks-Inspired.

Upon completion of all additional Certification work, with approval of your Mentor, you earn your official professional certification from BirthWorks.

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