Doulas and childbirth educators are non-medical support professionals. Our scope of practice means we do not treat, diagnose, or prescribe anything. We do not perform any clinical tasks.  

We are understanding and respectful of each family’s unique circumstances and therefore we do not pass judgment on their decisions. We practice patience, and good listening, and understand the magnitude of adjustment necessary through pregnancy, in labor and birth, and when a new baby joins a family.

We use professional behavior in all of our interactions with clients. We are reliable. We provide evidence-based information. We are respectful of our clients’ homes.  

Pregnancy, birth, and having a new baby come with many challenges. As childbirth educators and doulas, our role is to build a family’s confidence in their ability to birth and to care for their newest addition. We are kind, encouraging, and optimistic with parents, siblings, and other family members.

While caring for mom is our primary role, providing support to the baby, partner and other family members is important for facilitating healthy adjustment to a new baby. 

As trained professionals, we have knowledge regarding the physical and emotional understanding of pregnancy, birth, postpartum healing, and newborn development, but this knowledge is to be used to educate and support, not for diagnosing or treating. We are to refer parents to the proper professionals when they have questions and concerns regarding medical or psychological concerns of the mother or baby. We have knowledge regarding establishing breastfeeding, but we are to refer to lactation professionals when there are concerns outside of typical latching. This includes but is not limited to weight concerns and persistent painful latch. 

It is important that our clients feel safe to open up, express concerns, and simply be  comfortable in their interactions with us. It is imperative that we practice confidentiality regarding our clients. While educators and doulas are not bound by some privacy laws, it is excellent to use your country’s best guidelines for practicing confidentiality.

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