Postpartum Doula Essay

The purpose of this step is to reflect on your decision to become a postpartum doula and what the experience has been like for you.

You have felt a calling to support families in the precious time after their newborns arrive. In your work, you will be modeling human values as you work with new families during this exciting time in their lives. It is simply your presence and positive energy that will have a significant impact on how they grow in confidence and learn to parent well.

You may include the following:

  1. What made you decide to become a postpartum doula?
  2. What are the reasons that you would like to become a postpartum doula?
  3. What is the purpose of a postpartum doula?
  4. How can a doula “support” new families but not be in the way?
  5. What are the physiological and mental considerations a postpartum doula must keep in mind related to mothers and newborns?
  6. What are the most important things you want to bring to your families?
  7. What is  your perspective on the value of postpartum support for new mothers, babies and their families?

Please stick to word count.
Essays over 1,000 words may be returned for editing.

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