Mock Interview Planning

For you to be most effective as a doula, you want to understand who your clients are – as well as their hopes and needs. As a practicing doula, it is ideal that you meet potential clients before you work with them. This might be by phone, online meeting, or in-person. This conversation will be very useful to you – essentially, you are interviewing your clients. (You can also assess you are a good match for them and that you feel comfortable taking them on as clients.)

It is important to practice interviewing to ensure you know what to ask and have good interviewing skills. Understanding questions to ask and knowing effective interview techniques can help you to be prepared.

This opportunity to do a Mock Interview with your Mentor will build your confidence, so when you meet clients you feel informed and ready.

After the interview, your Mentor will email you an Evaluation of how you did, which you can review for your learning. Please enter that evaluation next.

Now, reach out to your Mentor, to set up a Mock Interview to practice these skills and demonstrate your understanding of the scope of practice. Once you have done that, please note the day, date, and time for your meeting with your Mentor.

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