BWI Postpartum Doula Scope of Practice

A postpartum doula’s role is to provide comfort and companionship to a new mother and her family by offering information and through non-medical physical and emotional support.

It is not in the scope of practice for a postpartum doula to perform any medical or clinical procedures including taking temperatures, blood pressures, or performing examinations of either the mother or the baby.  

A postpartum doula must keep in mind their role with the family. They may answer questions asked by parents to the best of their ability, but in no way can they impact the decision-making of their clients or be contrary to the wishes of care providers. New parents need to communicate their decisions directly to their care providers and not through their doula.  

The use of modalities, such as acupuncture and herbal remedies, are beyond the scope of practice of a postpartum doula. However, if the doula is trained and certified in their use, they may use them only with the permission of the parents.

A BirthWorks Postpartum Doula is expected to fulfill their contract with the family and provide services as outlined in the contract. They are expected to be reliable, trustworthy, and compassionate. If circumstances are such that they need to discontinue providing services to an established client, they must do so in writing. They may suggest a replacement if their client desires.

A BirthWorks Postpartum Doula must have completed their certification through BirthWorks International and must stay educated and informed by fulfilling all BirthWorks recertification requirements to serve families in order to carry or advertise the credentials of “BirthWorks International Certified Postpartum Doula” ~ CPD(BWI).

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