Birthing in the Spirit

I wrote this book so birthing women can connect with spirit — so their births become peak experiences, serving as a source of strength during parenting years. I hope it teaches women not to be afraid of their own power in labor.

The book also shares ways that anyone supporting pregnant women to be sensitive to the physiological and spiritual needs of a birthing mother. (It is for fathers/partners as well as caregivers, doctors, midwives, nurses, and doulas.)

It is important for each woman and those with them on this journey to realize the importance of her happiness during pregnancy, labor, and birth, so she produces hormones of joy. I hope hormones of joy become the first experience of each growing baby! We know babies’ experience of this means more ease with eating and sleeping, but also that it assures babies’ nervous system and brain development happen in the most ideal ways!

Reading this book, hopefully you feel a strong connection and shared bond with all women giving birth — for birth is cross-cultural, timeless, and ancient. Birth is also an experience greater than ourselves with immense transforming power, if we take the step of looking more deeply inside. After all, isn’t that what a woman needs to do when in labor?

I hope you feel touched at a deep level with inspiration to make changes in – pregnancy, birth, parenting if relevant for you now – as well as in your professional work and life for the better.

From the heart!
Cathy Daub

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