Three in a Bed

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Is it safe to sleep with my baby?  Many mothers ask this question.  More now than ever before, research is showing the benefits of mother/baby skin-to-skin contact for both mother and baby.  Close skin-to-skin contact allows for sensory integration which helps both the mother and baby to sleep better, especially if breastfeeding.  This comprehensive book explores everything from the history of babies in the bed,  to the rights of infants, to the moment when it is time to leave his parent’s bed.  With interviews and stories, this classic book offers a more baby-centered approach to family life. A baby lying beside his mother feels safe and secure and this is sure to have long-term benefits in terms of his own brain development.  If you are a parent or parent-to-be, the approach advocated in this book could change your life. After all, one half of our parenting could be done at night.


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