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Are you passionately-dedicated to creating opportunities to improve the local birth context and also highly-motivated to positively transform birth globally?

Host Your Own Workshop!
Are you connected to your birthing community?
Would you like to save time and money?
Consider hosting or promoting workshops for BirthWorks!

Inspired to make a difference as a BirthWorks Ambassador?

Joining this program is a wonderful way for you to build your own reputation and career, if you are an aspiring birth professional currently completing a BirthWorks certification program now. Sharing what you know about birth increases your level of confidence and readiness to teach childbirth classes and/or support doula clients. It can also help you grow your business.

If you are already a certified BirthWorks Childbirth Educator and/or Doula who aspires to bring BirthWorks philosophy, evidence-based support methodology and a human-values birthing approach to your communities, this is the next logical step for you!
This innovative program provides you with guidance, materials and coaching on the skill sets, knowledge, practice and feedback to offer two programs where you live:
  • Birthing in the Spirit! Circles access Introduction to to BirthWorks International lecture workshop that allows you to share BirthWorks Philosophy with parents and/or birth professionals in your community through local libraries, wellness centers, birth centers, medical offices and hospitals and other venues.
  • Birthing in the Spirit! Circles to inspire discussions about BirthWorks Philosophy, based on the Birthing in the Spirit book. These will give you a way to connect with other parents and birth workers in your community, make a difference and enhance your reputation and career.

Benefits of Being a BirthWorks Ambassador

Host or promote a BirthWorks Workshop and receive discounted or free tuition to the workshop:

  • The discount increases as the number of people registering increases!
  • Find a location and set dates and we can provide you with materials and ideas for local marketing along with a workshop flyer.
  • For every person you bring to register, receive an additional 10% off your workshop tuition. For example, if you get five people to register, you get 50% off.
  • If you get five to ten people registered, you get 50% off your certification as well.
  • If you get ten or more to register, you can come for FREE to the workshop, get 50% off certification, AND you have the opportunity to be invited to make money in the future.
After you have participated in a BirthWorks workshop:

  • You earn 10% of the profit for any additional workshops you host locally, if you get ten people
  • You earn 10% of the profit if you get ten people to sign up for BirthWorks virtual workshops
  • You earn 10% of the profit if you get ten parents to sign up for our virtual BirthPrep! childbirth education workshop

Requirements to become an Ambassador

Requirements to become an Ambassador

Steps to Take

There is much to be accomplished to grow BirthWorks International to share our important message with birthing women and their families. We hope you will be a part – the Ambassador program is open for registration.

Steps to Take

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