Postpartum Doula Certification Info

In BirthWorks, we have two key dates you will want to remember!

  • Entry Date – the day you paid your Postpartum Doula Certification fee
  • Completion Date – this will be 12 months later

Your timeframe for completion of all the requirements and to receive Personal Mentoring is 12 months. Please submit all your work as you complete it to your Personal Mentor online.  (Your Mentor will be in touch with you very soon.)

You can complete this program in a much shorter time frame – that is up to you. You can also take longer than 12 months if you need more time. Just remember to pay an Extension fee online to assure that all your work still counts.

Please remember that only postpartum doula support given to families after you complete BirthWorks Postpartum Doula Workshop is counted as valid towards certification.

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