Cathy Daub, Found of BirthWorks Intl

Cathy Daub

Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula, Childbirth Education and ACED Trainer.

Cathy is a pediatric physical therapist who is founder, designer, and president of BirthWorks International. She is author of Birthing in the Spirit - a human values approach to childbirth, and Doulas of Love and is co-author of the BirthWorks Childbirth Educator Manual, and the Doula Journal Workbook. Cathy has taught childbirth education and doula workshops in the USA and overseas over the last twenty years. She is a certified Maya Abdominal Massage therapist, is certified in pelvic bodywork, is trained in techniques of myofascial release and teaches human values, all of which she incorporates into her workshops.

Cristin Tighe

Cristin Tighe

Childbirth Education Trainer

Cristin Tighe was certified by BirthWorks International in 2010 and is also DONA International Birth/Postpartum Doula certified. She’s honored to serve on BirthWorks Board of Directors and as International Coordinator, as she feels deeply aligned with the Philosophies.

Cristin is a Yoga Teacher/Trainer for adults and children. She has three children - her daughter was born by homebirth in water in Belgium and twin boys via cesarean in CA. Her experiences created longing to empower women to know their ability to birth naturally, to understand technology and be informed about risky cascading interventions. She founded Conscious Empowered Birth in 2008, inspired to educate mothers during pregnancy, as key to creating a peaceful world for our children!

Liz O'Shea

Liz O'Shea

Birth Doula Trainer

Liz began her journey to midwifery out of a deep desire to share the joy of birthing at home. She wanted all women to experience what it is like to feel the innate power within them to give birth. She began her studies following her first home birth in 1982 by enrolling in Rahima Baldwin's birth assistant course, Informed Homebirth. Her passion for learning about normal birth continued through her own home births and as she raised her six children.

Liz became certified as a doula with A.L.A.C.E and later with Birth Works International. As one of the co-writers of the Birth Works doula program she also facilitated workshops and taught childbirth education. After attending births as a doula in hospital and home settings, she found the opportunity to apprentice with several home birth midwives who shared their knowledge of traditional midwifery.

She began an independent practice in 2000 and along with her daughter, Emily, formed the first Birth Circle of Frederick, MD. Encouraged by her mentors she applied for and obtained certification through North American Registry of Midwives in 2007.

Sally Dear-Healey, Ph.D.

Sally Dear-Healey, Ph.D.

Birth Doula and Childbirth Education Trainer

Sally received her master’s and PhD in Sociology at Binghamton University. Her dissertation was a tri-generational study of women’s beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors about pregnancy, birth, early mothering, and family healthcare. She also earned a Graduate Certificate in Feminist Theory. Sally taught for 10 years in Human Development and 6 years in Child and Family Studies, as well as in Women Studies, Sociology, and Criminology. Her research interests revolve around prenatal and perinatal psychology; pregnancy, birth and mothering/parenting; trauma and resilience; mediation; and family violence.

She is especially interested in the psychosocial and iatrogenic contributions to maternal fear and stress during pregnancy, birth, and early motherhood and their impact on the mother and child’s mental and physical health, attachment, and individual and family violence.

Sally is a certified birth doula and childbirth educator for BirthWorks International and conducts BirthWorks workshops nationwide. She is also a Prenatal and Perinatal Educator (PPNE), a Trauma Informed Care Practitioner/Trainer, and Reiki Master. She is the President and Executive Director of It’s Your Life Coaching and Consulting and The Family Womb.


Dr. Nils Bergman

Kangaroula Guest Trainer
Dr. Bergman’s passion starts with “skin-to-skin” contact of mother and baby. He qualified in Cape Town, South Africa, then worked as a Manama Mission doctor in Zimbabwe. With midwife Agneta Jurisoo, he developed and implemented Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC) for premature babies. Since, the ongoing research has been presented as keynote lectures at conferences in six continents. He has a diploma in Child Health, a Masters in Public Health, and a PhD in Clinical Pharmacology on the effects of scorpion stings.
Over six years, Dr. Bergman was Senior Medical Superintendent of the Mowbray Maternity Hospital (7,000 deliveries per year) and five Midwife Obstetric Units (11,000 deliveries per year.) He worked in Cape Town as a Consulting Public Health Physician and is an Honorary Research Associate at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden. He is currently doing Gates Foundation research in five countries on the benefits of mother-baby skin-to-skin contact, especially with
premature infants. His special interest is Perinatal Neuroscience. Dr. Bergman is a MB ChB, DCH, MPH, and MD Public Health Physician.

Jill Bergman

Kangaroula Trainer

Jill is passionate about helping parents and their babies get the best start in life. She is an advocate, a voice for the newborn. She received her Teachers Diploma from the University of Cape Town, South Africa in 1983. She taught in Zimbabwe and South Africa and lectured at the teachers training college. She has supported the work of Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC) since 1988, and played a key role in her full-time capacity since 2000. Together, they created 4 DVDs and wrote a book Hold Your Prem for parents of premature babies.

She trains nursing staff in KMC, works with developmental care, is a doula and Kangaroula. She is a speaker at national and international conferences and published a number of articles with titles such as “Whose choice? Advocating Birthing Practices According to Baby’s Biological Needs,” and “A Voice for the Baby.” She and Nils have three children, two just finished at University.