Step 14 b: Formula Feeding

Step 14 b: Formula Feeding

Some mothers choose formula feeding from the start, some are forced due to medical conditions, and others gave breastfeeding a try but for a variety of reasons end up formula feeding. Whatever the case, as a postpartum doula our job is to support and educate parents in whatever way they need. Some of us may have a passion for breastfeeding, but as professional doulas we need to put aside any personal agendas and provide adequate support for all families. It is never helpful or okay, to criticize a family’s decision.

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Formula Feeding

Application and Understanding

  1.  What is the approximate size of an infant’s stomach during their first 24 hours?
  2. How much formula should an infant three weeks old be fed in a bottle? If the baby still seems hungry what would you suggest to the mother?
  3. What is the other type of formula available for purchase besides ready to feed and powder?
  4. A new mother is very low on money to feed her family and says she “stretches” the milk for her baby to make it go further. What would you look for on the label and what would you say to her?
  5. A new mother has hired a babysitter for part of the day and you see on her instructions to the babysitter that all she has to do is take a bottle from the freezer and put it into the microwave before feeding it to her baby.  What would your concerns be and what would you do?  When is it safe to microwave a bottle?
  6. A new mother has decided to bottle feed her baby after trying breastfeeding and finding it too painful, but now when she gives her baby a bottle, she feels like other women are judging her for not breastfeeding. She begins to cry. What could you say?

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