Step 14 a: Breastfeeding

Step 14 a: Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is the most optimal form of nutrition for a newborn baby. A mother’s milk is nutritionally complete and provides the baby with all the nutrients needed and in the appropriate proportions.  In addition the composition of a mother’s breastmilk changes over time to meet the needs of her baby.  In this step of infant feeding, the benefits of breastfeeding, positioning, getting a good latch, common problems encountered diaper count and more are discussed.

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Application and Understanding

  1.  Name ten advantages of breastfeeding for the baby and five advantages for the mother.
  2. What would be five of the most important things a new mother needs to know about getting a good latch?
  3. You are with a new mother who is trying to breastfeed but is discouraged because she says it is too painful. Name three ways you can assist her as she develops a healthy nursing relationship.
  4. A new mother says to you, “I don’t know if my baby is getting enough milk. Should I start pumping?” How would you respond?
  5. A new mother has been diagnosed with mastitis and asks, “Should I stop breastfeeding on that breast until it is better?” How would you respond?
  6. What are some reasons why you would recommend a new mother contact a lactation consultant for breastfeeding issues.
  7. What are the 5 S’s for soothing babies? Describe how their practice would be useful for a newborn still learning how to feed? (requires research)

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