Certification Checklist

Postpartum Doula Certification Checklist
This checklist is for your convenience and serves as an overview of all the requirements to complete for your certification.  In order to complete your certification, the following must be completed and submitted to your reviewer for approval. These steps may be completed in any order.
□ Complete The Required Reading List
Read the two required books and then choose one book from each category on the reading list and submit a book form for each one.  There are a total of eight required books for certification. .
□ Complete Each Topic File As Directed
You will find each topic listed on the Display Outline. Answer all Application and Understanding questions and upload your answers onto our online Learning Management System (LMS)
□ Complete Lactation Education
Choose one:
1) Submit proof of a professional lactation certification
2) Attend a breastfeeding class taught by an IBCLC and submit the lactation education form
3) Watch Breast is Best DVD, available at the BirthWorks e-store, and submit the lactation education form
□ Provide Proof of Infant CPR/First Aid Certification
Postpartum doulas are not medical professionals but it is important to be a skilled in-home support person. You do not need the healthcare certification; a regular CPR certification as a childcare professional would obtain, is sufficient. Must be American Heart Association or Red Cross approved.
□ Practice Phone/Zoom/Skype Interview
Set up a mock interview with your reviewer or other approved organization member to practice interview skills and demonstrate your understanding of scope of practice. The reviewer will complete the interview form and submit it on our online Learning Management System.
□ Provide Postpartum Support
Provide a minimum of eight hours (can be completed in more than one visit) of postpartum support for two families with infants less than 12 weeks old. Have the families complete the postpartum support evaluation form and submit it on our online Learning Management System. The support must take place after enrollment in the certification program. You may or may not request fees for your services.
□ Submit Required Essays
1) Submit a 250-500 word essay on what made you decide to become a postpartum doula
2) Submit a 500 word essay on the value of postpartum doula support.  Both essays should be submitted on our online Learning Management System and are not to exceed 1000 words.

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