Step 9: Primal Health

Step 9: Primal Health

Primal Health is the period of time from conception to the end of the first year of life. This is a very crucial time in a baby’s development because the sensory integration a baby receives and the experiences he/she has during this primal period,  has a great influence on brain development and health into adulthood.

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Visit Michel Odent’s Primal Health Database for studies on Primal Health at

Application & Understanding

  1. Define the Primal Period and explain its significance.
  2. What is an innate fetal agenda?
  3. What is the meaning of “Behavior is Place Dependent?” Give an example.
  4. Describe how sensory integration is a crucial part of the birth experience on into the postpartum period.
  5. What is the reason that humans need to be able to achieve “Stability through change?”
  6. How would you respond to the following scenario? Explain your thoughts from a primal health perspective.

Two weeks after the birth of her daughter, Mary decides she needs to hire you for postpartum doula care.  She has just returned from the store and you see that her baby is in a car seat set on the floor. She says she tried breastfeeding but it hurt too much and besides she’ll be going back to work eventually so she has decided to bottlefeed. Her baby starts crying and she walks over and starts rocking her in the car seat.

(300-500 words)

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