Step 3: Verification Form

Step 3: Verification Form

We value the high quality of anyone certified in our programs.  Therefore please carefully read the Verification Form contents  which Includes the following.

  1. Statement of Beliefs
  2. Ideals of a Postpartum Doula
  3. BirthWorks Postpartum Doula General Policies
  4. BirthWorks Professional Standards of Practice
  5. BirthWorks Postpartum Doula Scope of Practice
  6. HIPAA
  7. Client Confidentiality Release Form

Then proceed to the topics below.

For the first topic, answer the True/False questions, explaining the reason if it is false and Question #4 on HIPAA.

When finished, proceed to the second topic. Sign the Verification Form assuring that you have read and agree to the contents pertaining to the Verification Form.  Scan and submit via the upload button in the second topic.


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