Step 26: Saying Goodbye and Moving On

Step 26: Saying Goodbye and Moving On

When people share emotions together, they develop closer relationships. The longer a postpartum doula works with a family, the closer she may become with them.   At some point, the new parents will have transitioned into having a new baby at home and will be getting back into their routines.  It is time for the postpartum doula to say goodbye.   They have shared a momentous time in their lives together and the family will always remember her.  Goodbye doesn’t mean they will not see each other anymore and they may decide to find ways to stay in touch.

This is the last step in your training.  With successful completion of all the steps in our postpartum doula program, we congratulate you on becoming a BirthWorks certified postpartum doula.  Your credentials should be written as a certified postpartum doula for BirthWorks International.  CPD(BWI).  We wish you wonderful experiences as you serve women and their families.

There are no Application & Understanding questions but we would appreciate any feedback you would like to give us about your experience with our online Postpartum Doula Training Program.

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